Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Saturday!!!

Just another BEAUTIFUL with 2 of my FAVORITE people!!!! Wish the rest of the family could be with us today!!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 please slow down!!!

Today, at work, I started thinking about how fast this year has flown by. I really can't believe that we are about to start the last week in July! But thats how life rolls and we just have to roll with it. Before we know it we will be counting down the big ball and entering 2011!

The next few months are going to be some busy months. So much is on the calendar.ALREADY.

My family is going on a family vacation!!! We have not done anything since my sisters wedding back in '07. But this long 3 year wait is about to come to an end!! I am more than thrilled! We are taking a long weekend to Orange Beach!!

We found this awesome resort that has amazing condos, pools, lazy river, steps from the beach, and so on!!! We were very skeptical about booking a trip to the beach because of the oil. I'm so glad we went ahead and booked it! The count down begins...26 MORE DAYS!!!!!
Check out this website of the resort:

The very next day we get back from our family vacay I have to have surgery!The BIG "S" word...
Back in the day(10 years ago) I had ACL Reconstruction surgery. I guess that reconstructed ACL decided to give up on me and decide to completely tear...AGAIN!

The doctor has completely stopped me from running, squats, lunges and everything else EXCEPT water aerobics, swimming and biking. I already feel so out of shape. I can't wait to get back into all the things I enjoy doing.

BROOKLEE TURNS ONE!!!!!! I can't believe its already been 10 months since she entered our life. I will be on crutches at her birthday but that won't stop me one bit!!! I am so excited about all the that Em is planning for this special day!!!

This is a big month for me and Zach!!! Zach's birthday, my birthday and our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! I can NOT believe it has already been 9 months since we tied the knot!!We really want to take a cruise for our anniversary but due to all the time I have to be off for surgery we might have to delay the trip. BUT... either way it will be a great and special time to share with each other, AND we still have a cake in the freezer waiting on Oct. 31st to be eaten!!!!

And of course-
November: THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!


Thanks for all that you do for me! You are the best sister anyone could ever ask for!
Love you!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July!!!

Is it really July already?!?!? Yep!!! This weekend was the big summer holiday that everyone looks forward to in the summer. Fireworks, cookouts and friends and family are the 3 main things that are needed on this big day.

My 4th was really laid back. I got to babysit Miss Brooklee ALL.DAY!!! We woke up bright and early played and then meet Uncle Zach for a little shopping then some lunch. Mom and Shorty came down and spent the afternoon and night with us.

Since, Shorty works at Stribling Equipment in Greenwood, we were able to go to the Empire/Stribling Equipment 4th of July festivities. We had soooo much fun. Unlimited food and drinks, great dj, those huge bouncing things for all the kids, a clown and then a wonderful firework show. Here are a few pics from this wonderful day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010