Sunday, July 22, 2012

zucchini pancakes

Zach and I follow Balanced Bites on Facebook. There is also a blog called Balanced Bites. The owner of the this page on FB and blog has recently come out with a fantastic cookbook called Practical Paleo. It is on sale right now on Amazon. It has not been released yet but is available for pre-order here. I highly recommend this book!

Zach was one of the lucky ducks who received this book last week. He gets to read it before anyone and review it. I have to be honest... I am loving this book! 

This book is full of recipes, meal plans, and so much more. 

The other night Zach and I received some fresh figs from my sisters yard. I have never eaten a fig before. Didn't really even know what it was, much less how they tasted. Later that night, Zach was in the kitchen with Practical Paleo out and open to the roasted fig recipe. OMG, they were delicious! 

I have expressed before on my blog that I love breakfast. I love it! Definitely my favorite meal of the day. All the recipes have stuck out to me but I really wanted to try this one...

Zucchini Pancakes

Last night, Zach and I ran into the Fresh Market and picked up a few veggies and I made sure to pick up a few zucchinis. I was already looking forward to breakfast and I had just finished supper. 

After the book comes out I will share the recipe on here but until then...

But I will show you my delicious zucchini pancakes.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Watermelon Classic 2012

Every 4th of July, my work host an annual Watermelon Classic 5k Run/Walk. I have never participated in this race but have volunteered a few years. This year I was asked to walk in the 5k. 

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my friend/client Matthew. He really wanted to participate and make this his first 5k. He asked me to do it with him. Of course, I said YES!!

Bright and early, the morning of the 4th over 1800 runners/walkers gathered at the MS Sports Hall of Fame. We were two of those 1800+ people!

Me and Matthew before the race. 
Brandi, me and Sheila. 
 Me and Jessica!

 We made our way on to Lakeland Drive and patiently waited for the siren to blow so we could start. It was a very nice morning, breeze here and there and a mostly shaded course. 

Making our way to the starting line. Sooo many people!

I asked Matthew what he wanted his goal to be. He looked at me and said "1 hour?". I immediately said "we can do better than that!". His response "45mins?". Much better!

Our siren blows and off we went. We kept setting goals for ourselves throughout the race. We would pick someone far in front of us and make it a goal to beat them.... and we did!! A little competitive? Maybe! =)

The last little stretch was back on Lakeland and back to the MS Sports Hall of Fame. This might have been the hardest part but only because there was no shade. 

We finished! We had a great time! 3.2 miles isn't so bad when you have great company!

A few of the Healthplex peeps. 
Brandi, Me, Matthew, Katie, and Shelia.
(This was Shelia's first 5k, too. She ran it in 30mins!)
 Not only did we finish but we finished in 45:11!!!!


not only did we make our goal BUT Matthew also won 1st in is age group! 
We probably could have gotten it under 45:11 but since the high volume of people participating it was a little hard at the beginning to break free from the congestion. It was a little SOOO crowded! Once we were able to get away from the crowds there was no stopping us. 

So incredibly proud of Matthew and all his accomplishments! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!