Friday, February 24, 2012

happy birthday furry babies!

I can't believe my two furry babies are 4 years old! 

In March of 2008, I decided that I wanted a dog. I headed over to CARA and saw this precious little pot belly puppy that was roughly 6 weeks old. I kept looking but I was already attached! CARA called her by one name but I thought Delta was much better. 
Four years later and this precious face is all grown up! She is now a whopping 59lbs and is spoiled, spoiled spoiled!! She wasn't too excited about the car ride to the vet this morning. She sat so still and so lady like. 
 Three months after only having Delta, I received an email at work about a stray dog appearing on a co-workers front steps. She was unable to keep him because of her small kids. I knew the exact moment I needed this puppy. 
Hello Duke! Such a playful puppy, he fit right in! Duke, also, is very healthy but a tad over weight! Weighing in at 70lb. Holy Moly! This is the only time in the car ride this morning that he sat still. Not the best pic but it will work.
Duke and Delta are our 4-legged furry babies. I couldn't see our life without them. I do see more walks in their futures! Got to get that weight down!! 

Anyways.. Happy Birthday to Duke and Delta! Thanks for bringing so much joy to our lives! 

crawls and potatoes...

Yesterday, was a training day for me.

I came home and got straight to work. I can't believe how hot it was and how hard the wind was blowing. 

At the end of my training, I had to do the prowler. These are suppose to be sprints but ended up being more of a crawl! This is probably the worst I have ever done at these. I didn't stop and I just kept pushing incredibly hard! The wind was a HUGE factor!! I had to hide the camera behind Zach's car because I didn't want it to get blown over. You can hear how hard the wind is blowing. Please don't make fun of how awful these are ;)

Yesterday, was also a high carb day for me. One thing that I have always loved is potatoes. Anyway they are cooked... I love them! Zach roasted potatoes while I was training. I was so excited!! This was my last meal last night. 

Potatoes, onions, multi-colored bell peppers, and mushroom "hash" over a bed of organic spring mix, and 5oz of egg whites with 1 organic Omega-3 caged free egg (scrambled together). 

Absolutely delicious!!

I did do something productive. It might not really seem like it but it had to be done and it did take 45 mins of my life! Our brand new computer that we got on New Years Eve 2011 is already messing up. So.Not.Happy.About.This.
We were having battery issues, so last weekend I spent about 2hours total trying to get the issue fixed. They finally sent us a new battery and we thought all our problems were fixed. Well... think again!

I got on the computer and did a live chat with one of the costumer service employees. We chatted for about 45 mins and finally determined that it isn't  the battery it is the computer. We are waiting on them to send us a box so we can ship our computer off to get fixed. BOO!!! But it has to be done and hopefully the sooner it happens the sooner I get my computer back!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am not Catholic, but have always liked giving something up for lent. I thought long and hard about what I could possibly give up...

I finally decided to give up any gluten and dairy products. I have been trying to do this for quite sometime but I always have a weakness for sweets... cookies, cakes, frozen yogurt, and so on. While I really limit this items from my diet, I still eat them occasionally. Today, Zach asked me if I wanted to go eat somewhere when he got home from work. I picked Newks! Love.That.Place. Thankfully, one of my favorite items is the Ultimate Salad. I promptly asked for no croutons and cheese. I also, asked for no ham or turkey but to please add EXTRA chicken! Something about that cubed ham and turkey grosses me out a little. It was delicious and I ate about 90% of that sucker! Yum Yum Yum!!

While thinking of lent and giving up something, I thought about what is something that I could add daily for the next 40 days...

I decided that I need to do at least one productive thing each day when I get home. I have a really bad habit of coming home, showering and getting straight in the bed to watch some of our recordings from the previous night.  If I have to train, obviously, I would get that over with and then be lazy until I fall asleep. Well... welcome day one of productiveness!!! I came home and... mowed the grass (yes, I know it is February BUT I can not stand weeds and we have weeds that are on steroids! They were GIGANTIC!), swept the house, dusted, AND packed my lunch for tomorrow. Whew... I think that was productive enough today! 

Not real sure what I will do tomorrow but hopefully I will think of something. 

Are you giving up and adding something for the next 40 days???

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, February 20, 2012

so sore...

My very fun, challenging, BRUTAL workout from yesterday! 

My legs were definitely feeling those 85 body weight squats.