Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1 Month Old!


1 Month Old!!!!
Check out how much he has changed over the past 4 weeks. 

Little man had his 1st 4th of July! I searched 3 different stores looking for a 4th of July outfit for him. This was the best I could fine. 
But of course he looks too cute in it!!! 
America Totally Rocks!

That night, I got to get out of the house!!! Zach kept Knox and let me enjoy time with my family at the Empire/Stribling 4th of July festivities. If you have never been, its a must that you try to find tickets and go! The fireworks last for about 40 minutes and there is food, bouncy things for kids, a band and clowns making balloon figures. 

My wonderful family minus Zach and Knox. 
 Pappy and Brooklee!
 Em, Brooklee and me. 
 Nana-Darlin' and Brooklee!
 Being silly!
 Me and Brooklee. 

Zach had to work on the 4th but got to be off on the Friday after. He started planning the weekend before about everything he was going to cook. We had my parents, aunt and Zach's co-worker/friend over to eat. Somehow, I only have 2 pictures from that night. 

Zach's grill went to grill heaven a few weeks ago but thankfully we were given two right after that! My great-grandfathers grill and Zach's parents gave us one too. Zach had all three going at once. Boston butts and ribs! 
Emilee was holding Knox and this is how he fell asleep in her arms. She laid him down the same way so he would be comfortable. How cute is he all curled up??
On Saturday, my parents were heading back home so we decided to all meet at the park (Knox still isn't allowed to go public areas with a lot of people yet). We all grabbed food and had a little picnic. 

This picture was taken Saturday night. He was worn out from a busy few days!
How sweet is that face?

It was such a wonderful few days with all the people I love. 

What Knox was up to this week..

*He is still enjoying bath time but doesn't enjoy the getting dressed part afterwards.
*He loves having his hair washed.
*He is very alert and loves just looking around. 
*He's sleeping schedule is going pretty well. He goes to bed at 7 pm and wakes between 10:30-11:30, 2, 4 and then awake between 6-6:30. 
*He loves being outside. I will bring his chair out into the garage on the mornings I lift weights and then the mornings I walk, he just sits there so content looking around.

This picture was from the park on Saturday. He didn't make one peep the entire time we were there.
*Noises still don't bother him.
*He loves to fall asleep on his daddy's chest. 
*He is still adjusting to tummy-time. He doesn't like it at all on the floor but doesn't seen to mind it on the boppy pillow.
He is doing really well with it. He only likes for about 5 minutes or so then he either starts crying or starts thinking his arm taste good. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

3 weeks!

So this post is a week late but I guess better late than never, right? 

It's a lot harder to blog with a little handsome boy around. Yes, I have time too but most of the time when I could post a blog I am either resting, cleaning or resting! ;)

We have this neat bath tub that has a built in scale. We love checking out our little man's progress. At his 3 week mark he weighed in at 9lbs 5oz! We are so proud of him. Knox has really done so great since he was born. 

This picture is a 10 day difference. It is hard for me to see if he is growing or changing since I am around him daily. When I did the comparison with these two pictures, I was a little taken back! I couldn't believe how much he had changed in 10 days!

I think this picture is just so sweet and peaceful! He was snoozing so hard! 

What Knox was up to this week..

*He loves bath time... as long as he is already awake. Not so much if he is snoozing and you have to wake him.
*He loves having his hair washed.
*He is very alert and loves just looking around. 
*He sleeps really well only waking 2-3 times a night. 
*He loves early morning walks around the neighborhood. He will just sit there and look around. 
*Noises still don't bother him.
*He loves to fall asleep on his daddy's chest. 
*Duke and Delta have really adjusted well to Knox being home. They are very curious and have to check on him if he starts crying. Duke, also, has to lay by him when he is doing tummy time. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2 Weeks Old!

On Saturday, Knox turned 2 weeks old! The first two weeks flew by. He had his 2-week check-up on Friday. Zach and I were so anxious to see how much weight he had gained and just over all to see the progress he had made. 
Well, Knox made awesome progress. 
We were shocked how much weight he had gained. When we came home from the hospital his weight was down to 7lbs 1oz. The doctor was very impressed. He said that most breast-fed babies have to come back during week 3 for another weight check but he let us go and said to keep doing what we are doing. Knox checked out great! 

We finally got to meet little Avery. Avery was very alert when we were there, Knox on the other hand was out! He would not wake up! But we really enjoyed our quick visit and managed to get a picture before we left. I must say that both of our guys are absolutely perfect!

 Here are a pics from the week of our growing little boy...

We have been giving him "monkey baths" but tonight we can actually give him a real bath. 
 Zach dressed him one day and he just had to put on his Puma shoes. They might have been an inch too big. He wore them while we went out walking but then they had to come off. 
A few things about Knox...

*He loves having his hair washed.
*He is blowing bubbles.
*He is used to my work schedule and thinks at 4:30am its time to wake up.
*He sleeps really well only waking 2-3 times a night. 
*He is very alert first thing in the morning and in the late afternoon. 
*So far, noises don't bother him... one day I was running the food processor and Delta was barking, Knox didn't budge. 
*He loves to fall asleep on his daddy's chest. 

He doesn't have another check-up until he is 8 weeks old. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1 Week Old

I can't believe our little man is one week old already! The past week at home has been wonderful... and a little tiresome. We have been blessed with tons of family and friends stopping by to see Knox. Bringing us food and offering to go to the store for us. The love and support has been overwhelming. We really appreciate every bit of it! 
I figured that I would take monthly pictures with the dry erase board like I did my weekly photos during my pregnancy. I will do weekly photos until he turns a month and then just do it monthly from there. 

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from his 1st week. 
I took this picture before we left the hospital. I just love it! 

 Zach and I were just so thrilled when they finally discharged us from the hospital. We were so anxious... maybe a little nervous too... to get home. 

 We purchased this little rubber ducky sign from That Southern Accent. You pick what yard sign you want and they set it up and come and pick it up a week later. I just had to show the whole neighborhood that our little boy had arrived. 
Knox is a very alert little man. Don't get me wrong... he snoozes a lot too but when he is awake he will just look around non-stop. He usually will be awake for a couple hours at a time and then he is cutting Z's the rest of the day.
I absolutely LOVE this picture! Zach was so anxious to take Knox for a stroll. I have to sit out on physical activity for the first 2 weeks, so Zach and Knox got to enjoy morning strolls without me. Only a few more days and I can join in. 
We gave Knox his first bath the Monday we got home. Naturally, he didn't really care for it until we started washing that head full of hair. 
We survived our first week at home. I had a ton of help from Zach. He has been a lifesaver. Last week was also full of visitors so Knox got a lot of TLC. 

We have his 2 week check-up on Friday the 21st. Praying for a great check-up! I will post about it afterwards. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gift from Above

I never got around to posting my 39 week post. I made it to 39 weeks and 6 days. Knox picked June 8th to be his birthday! At 10 pm on that Friday night I woke up with my water breaking and having random contractions that were anywhere from 5-12 mins apart. I wasn't 100% sure if it really was my water breaking. I just always pictured what you see on television... a big gush of water. While that happens for some it didn't for me. Finally, at 1:30 a.m. I called the nurse and was instructed to head on to the hospital to see if my water had broken.

Zach and I made the journey up to the hospital with hopes that it was the real deal. We had to check into the emergency room and they would take me straight to the L&D floor. A guy pulls around with a wheel chair and tells me he is ready to take me up. I was slightly embarrassed riding in the wheel chair. I even told the guy that I didn't mind walking but since it would have gotten in him trouble if he would have let me walk I decided to go for the ride. Thankfully, it was 2 a.m. and the hospital was dead. 

After we got into the room, they checked to see if my water had ruptured and it had so we weren't leaving without a baby in our arms! I had been texting my sister the entire time so as soon as we were admitted she headed up to the hospital to be there for us. We called both our parents and they headed down as quickly as they could. 

I won't go into details but labor is no joke! It started out easy-breezy and then around 5:15 a.m. they started the petocin since my contractions weren't consistent and I was still only 1.5 centimeters. By 8:30 a.m. I was feeling like a wuss and my contractions were very intense. I progressed to 4 centimeters and they called for the epidural... THANK GOODNESS! Well, it worked for maybe an hour and I started feeling everything on my left side. By 10:45ish, I was 8 centimeters and still feeling every contraction. By 11:15, the epidural finally got straightened out and I was fully dilated. IT.WAS.TIME. I pushed for 15-20 mins and then this handsome fellow was welcomed into the world. 
Born at 11:50 a.m., Knox Aden Rounsaville was here. After almost 40 weeks of waiting, I could finally hold my man. He is perfect... weighing 7lbs, 6oz, and 20 inches long. His head is covered in dark hair.
Our family of 3! 

We had tons of visitors.. family and friends were so excited to meet Knox. I only have family pics on this post but we had many more visitors. 

Nana-Darlin' and her grandson. 
 Pappy and Knox!
 Aunt Emmie and Knox. 
 Zach with his parents, Mimi and Pops. 
My grandad with his great grandson. 
Zach's grandparent PopPop and Ann and their great grandson. 
 Brooklee was so thrilled to finally meet Knox. She is such a great big cousin!
 My Memaw and her great grandson! 
I still can't believe that we get to love and kiss him all we want now. I am behind thankful how easy I had it during my pregnancy, but I am even more thankful for this blessing that has been given to us. What a wonderful gift! I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on him or the first time I got to hold him. 
Every good and perfect gift is from above... James 1:17

Friday, May 31, 2013

38 Weeks!

*38 weeks
*Knox is the length of a leek. 
*Energy has been okay. I had enough to get through my work day but as soon as I got home it was hard to keep my eyes open.  
*Sleep is still great when I get to sleep but it is hard for me to stay asleep. 
*Craving: Fruit and almonds.  
*Appetite is good.  
*I walked once and got a workout in on Wednesday. Ended up running errands 3 days this week after work so I didn't worry about doing any extra. 
*Braxton Hicks are a lot worse during the week when I am at work. I think it is because I am pretty much non-stop from the time I get to work until the time I leave. They are getting slightly more intense and lasting a little longer. 
*Driving is becoming very difficult. He likes to cram into my ribs when I am driving. Thankfully, Zach and I ride together 90% of the time, so I let him be the chauffeur.  
*I ended up calling the emergency number on Thursday night. I wasn't feeling my wiggle worm move and started getting really paranoid. I drank cold water, ate a snack, did jumping jacks, tried laying still for a while and Zach poking him didn't even get him moving. The doctor on call told me to and I quote... "drink a big ole  sugary/carbonated drink like a coke or sprite." He told me to wait 2 hours and if I still didn't feel him moving to call back and I would have to go in for monitoring. Well, Zach ran to the gas station and picked me up a "Big Ole Sprite." I chugged it and almost threw up. I haven't had any coke products in 21 months! But my little man almost immediately got the hiccups and started bouncing around! Thank goodness!!!!
*My poor right ankle!!! I had some very busy days this week and by the time I got home my right ankle was double its normal size. I absolutely hate it and wish it wouldn't happen but if this is has bad as my pregnancy is going to get... I will deal with it! 
*My appointment on Tuesday went great. I am 1cm dilated and at that point my cervix had not start thinning yet. If Knox does not make his debut before June 12th, I will be induced and have him on the 13th of June. Praying that he comes on his on!!!

*Next appointment is June 4th!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

37 Weeks!

*37 weeks
*Knox is the length of swiss chard. 
*Energy is still come and go. I ended up calling in on Wednesday because of being so tired.  
*Sleep... I am am really starting to think my body refuses to let me enjoy this anymore. Getting me ready!
*Craving: Fruit and almonds.  
*Appetite is good. I get that "I'm so full I can't breathe" feeling after each meal. It passes within the hour but it is very uncomfortable. Sitting is really tough. 
*I was able to get in a good workout on Monday, 4 walks in and weed-eat the yard while Zach was mowing this week. It really felt good to get this tired body moving. 
*Braxton Hicks contractions have still been going on daily. I was having so many on Monday that I ended up going to the doctor a day early. My doctor wasn't there so I had to see Mr. Non-Personality. I did not care for him one bit but I was confirmed that everything was okay. 
*Driving is becoming very difficult. He likes to cram into my ribs when I am driving. Thankfully, Zach and I ride together 90% of the time, so I let him be the chauffeur.  
*Knox is still a very active wiggle worm! He usually has the hiccups 2-3 times a day. 
*The cankle only came back one day this week! Thank goodness. Still no swelling in the fingers. :) 
*I was not dilated any as of Monday. 
*Next appointment is May 28th.

We got the pack-n-play put together this morning. It was NOT the easy thing to do. The instructions were not very clear. But we finally got it!
Don't really know why the pic is squished like that. Sorry.

I would post a pic of the final thing but we are washing the bassinet part.

Knox's super cute camo duffelbag is packed and ready! All we need is for him to decide when he is ready to  make his debut! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

36 Weeks!!!

All of you that played in the baby pool on Facebook...
Thanks for playing! I loved reading your guesses!

*36 weeks
*Knox is the size of a crenshaw melon.... I have no clue what this melon is. 
*More and more people are starting to notice that I am pregnant. I have not been trying to hide it but when you work in a gym, I typically where loose fitting tops. I wish I could record their reactions when I tell them how far along I am.    
*Energy is still come and go. Wednesday was very rough. I don't know how I made it at work all day. I came home and immediately vegged out on the bed for about 1 hour. I was useless.  
*Sleep is usually great until about 1-130am. I start waking up at that point and pretty much just lay there until my alarm goes off. 
*Lindt 85% dark chocolate, natural PB and banana, oranges, and honeydew melon. 
 After wanting this for several days, I finally broke down and bought one!
*appetite is still good. I was a bottomless pit on Wednesday. I ate what I had brought for lunch at 730am. 
*Braxton Hicks contractions have still been going on daily. 
*Knox is still a very active wiggle worm!
*Oh the "cankle"!!! I despise you! Zach can usually squeeze it out but I am SOOO paranoid about it! 
*Our 36 week check up went great. We got to see our sweet man. 
Here is his precious face. A few people were having trouble picking everything out. It's just his face turned towards the "camera" with his fist underneath his chin. His fist is on the left side moving to the right its his chin, puckered up lips, nose, eyes, forehead and the spiky stuff on the right is his hair. I am interested to see if he will have as much hair as the sonogram showed. Every angle the tech showed of his head was just covered! He looked like a little rock star!
Here is his foot(on the left) and his fist (on the right). 
It was so awesome getting to see him. I can't believe how much he has grown since we last saw him at 18 weeks. He weighed in at 5lb 14oz. The doctor said he will probably be in the 7lb range by the time he is here. 
*I was not dilated any.
*I have weekly appointments now. Next appointment is May 21st. 
*This is my last weekend to work before Knox arrives. I can't believe he will be here in the next couple of weeks.