Friday, August 27, 2010

Surgery Week

So, Monday was the dreadful day that just couldn't be ignored! It was SURGERY DAY!!! I have the most amazing support/help that anyone could ever ask for!

Sunday night was my "last meal" until after the surgery. Zach wanted to take me wherever I wanted to go and get whatever I wanted.... for some reason a good greasy burger from Mugshots was all I could think about. And yes... It was DELICIOUS! After stuffing my face I still had half a burger left but I knew we were going to Berry Berry Good Yogurt(if GiGi's would have been open thats were we would have gone)for dessert. I was soooo incredibly full that all I could think about was my bed. At 11:50pm, my sweet husband is tapping on my shoulder asking me if I wanted to eat or drink anything else before midnight! Still stuffed I picked just drinking some water.

Monday came... QUICK! I woke up early, as usual! I wanted to clean the house and get stuff done before I was crippled. Or maybe just trying to keep my mind off the rumbling in my tummy and dehydration! I had to be checked in for surgery at 1030am but was told the previous week that I probably wouldn't have surgery until about 2pm. Well... it went a lot quicker than I had prepared myself for!

They called me back after only waiting 10 mins!!!! I had to do all the prep work before my family got to come back. But they were only able to visit me for 10 mins or so and it was time for my hip block. They gave me some good drugs and next thing I knew I couldn't feel my leg.AT.ALL! My family came back in for a second but those drugs had me in another place. Next thing I know I am being wheeled in to the operating room, mask over my face and....thats it!

Next thing I know I am in recovery trying to come back from LaLa-Land! It took a while for the drugs to wear off and once they did I was sooo sick! But thankfully I finally started to come around. I found out that my knee was in a lot worse shape than they thought and surgery took 2.5 hours!!!! It was only suppose to take 45mins!

They finally get me loaded up and send me home. I had absolutely no feeling in my leg!! Trying to walk from the car to my house was a disaster! I had crutches but since my leg was sooo dead I couldn't feel my foot scrapping against the concrete! I have a good little scrap on my toe. As soon as I got inside I got sick again. After that I was in bed for the rest of the day!

Zach has taken such good care of me. He was up around the clock making sure I took my meds on time. Tuesday I woke up feeling pretty good. I still couldn't feel my leg so I thought this was gonna be a breeze.... YEAH RIGHT! Around 10am my hip block started wearing off. There was nothing that was helping with the pain. Zach felt helpless. All I could do is cry. We were using the pain scale, 1-no pain, 10- worst pain ever. Well I was at a 15.

Zach had to go to back to work on Wednesday. I was trying to be a good patient and not bother him but I was in sooo much pain that I was keeping him up crying. Wednesday morning came quicker than I wanted it to and next thing I know I was at home by myself. Thankfully it was only for a few hours and my next nurse, Emilee, came to help! Em and Brooklee got to the house around 630 am. She loaded me up and took me to her house. Brooklee definitely took my mind off all the pain and kept me smiling.

Thankfully Emilee got called off Thursday and once again came and loaded me up and took me to her house.

The help I have gotten has been amazing! There are not enough words to thank them for all that they have done! Today is my first day by myself but thanks to them for being there for me through the worst of it I think I am going to make it! Plus... I have Duke and Delta to keep me company!!!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped me this week! You all are amazing!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Vacay!!!!

On Thursday August 19, 2010, my WONDERFUL family went to Orange Beach, Al. We stayed at this amazing condo called Caribe Resort! Words cannot express how nice this place was. There were 7 outdoor pools, 3 indoor pools and a lazy river. There were 3 different gyms, hot tubs, dry/wet saunas and an arcade. We weren't right on the beach but we were on the bay and it only took a 5 min shuttle ride to the beach.

The first day we stopped at Lambert's and OMG!!!!! We were stuffed!!!! It was some of the best food but they give you so much and before you know it you are as full as a tick! After Lambert's we made our way to our condo. The condo was gorgeous... 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, awesome kitchen, gorgeous living and a beautiful view!

We got to the condo just in time for Brooklee's afternoon nap... and Shorty's too. So we decided that we would go to the grocery store. We got back just in time and it was time to head to the lazy river and pools!

These pools were amazing!!! It was three pools connected and between each pool was just enough water for Brooklee to have so much fun! We called it her "cat-walk!" All she wanted to do was walk up and down it!!

Friday was a big day!! It was Britt's birthday. Brooklee's first time to the beach and my first time to LuLu's!!! I do believe that we picked an excellent time to go on our trip. The beaches were empty! There was no oil but we did see one tar ball but it didn't stop us one bit! The beach was absolutely gorgeous!!!

We had a blast at LuLu's!! I got the best fried green tomato BLT!!! Melt in your mouth delicious!! Zach tried his first shrimp tacos and loved them! Lulu's atmosphere was awesome.

We also got to celebrate Britt's birthday with this awesome cake I talked Emilee into getting for him!!!

The next day we hung out at the pool all day. Brooklee loved to show us her skills that she has learned in swim class. She kept showing us how to blow bubbles. It was the funniest thing. She was having soooo much fun.

The last night we had a cookout on the bay. It was so nice and relaxing!

We finally got home Sunday afternoon and we were all glad to be home but I could have stayed the entire week!!! It was so nice! Can't wait for our next family vacay. Think next trip is to the mountains!!!!