Saturday, April 30, 2011

*A Weekend to Remember*

Easter Weekend has come and gone but will not be forgotten! The weekend was full of family time, beautiful weather and lots of good food. On Saturday, we went to our family's deer camp in Winona, MS. We got there bright and early to have a full day of fun.

We started off with a little Easter egg dyeing. Brooklee also wanted to dye a few rocks as well.

While we were getting the dye ready Pappy was showing Brooklee all the mounted deer on the wall. She just reached out to pet it like it was alive. She loved it.

Once the dye was ready we decided that maybe we should change Brooklee out of her cute little dress into something that we wouldn't mind getting a little dye on. SO what was our only option??? Pappy's shirt. Little big?? Maybe!

After the eggs were soaking in their color of choice, it was time for a little fishing. Brooklee put her little shades on and to the pond we went. She wasn't very in to the fishing, but was still having a great time.

While we were all enjoying the BEAUTIFUL day we had this on the smoker!!!! Zach fixed up this delicious pork loin stuffed with cream cheese, spinach and mushrooms. YUMMY!!
The Menu: Stuffed Pork Loin, green bean bundles, fried squash, 7 layer salad, Memaw's yummy black bean/ corn salad, baked potatoes and rolls.
I was so STUFFED!!!!

And of course we had to have way too many desserts. Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chess squares, oatmeal chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, Easter cupcakes, and pink lemonade cake. I think I gained about 20 pounds thanks to all of this!

And of course we had to do a little Eater egg hunt for Brooklee. She did good for the first couple of eggs then she realized there was gold fish in the eggs and then it was all over.

Easter Sunday we got up and went to early church all went home for a little R&R and then headed to the MS Braves baseball game. We had so much fun!!!

I absolutely love family filled weekends! Can't wait for the next one. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last week was Mom's birthday. Her and Shorty came down yesterday to spend the day with us. I decided to cook breakfast for everyone but little did I know that I would be given a hard time about it ALL.DAY (thanks Shorty!). When planning this breakfast I knew that we were going to cook out for lunch, so I did not want a huge, heavy breakfast. On our menu that morning was: scrambled eggs, fruit medley, homemade blueberry pound cake, juice and milk.
My yummy pound cake.

Delicious fruit! I could have eaten this whole bowl.

Shorty's first words were... "Where is the meat???" Ummm, last time I checked eggs were a meat.
After breakfast, Zach and I decided to give Brooklee her easter bucket from us. I know it isn't Easter yet, but we had already upgraded from a basket to a bucket and the bucket was beginning to over flow!
Brooklee seeing her bucket being brought into the room.

After going through the bucket we decided to go outside and play with the bubbles.

A day a the park was on the agenda and that was just what we did. We played and played!

It was such a busy day. We practiced Easter Egg hunting, sliding, grilling out and blowing bubbles. What a fun day! I just love spending the day with my family. They are so awesome and such a joy to be around.

Happy Birthday again to the best mother in the world!

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have FINALLY started my massage business. I have been done with school since October, passed my boards in December and only a few months later.... IS IN BUSINESS! I am so excited to get this going. It has definitely been a very long wait... but it was worth it. If you need a massage or know of someone who needs one shoot me an email!

Memrie LMT #1812

I will be offering massages at the Baptist Healthplex after 1pm until 7pm. Hope everyone has had a fabulous Monday!