Wednesday, December 21, 2011

squat training

Zach and I follow We love to check out all the training logs (both of our nutrition coaches are on there), read the articles (Zach has several on there), and buy clothes and workout gear. Every holiday they have computer/phone art. I was checking it out the other day and saw this....
I love it!!! I, also, thought it fit perfectly with today's training.... SQUATS!!! I posted early that I was hoping to get 155lbs. Well, all day I was thinking about 155lbs! I text Zach to see what all I need to day and he text back and said, " up to 135lb..." Excuse me?!?!? 135 my hinney! I'm going for it!!! 

So, this is what I did...

Yep, that's right!!!

Squats 95lb/ Seated Calf Raises 45lb

That's all folks! That 155lb just about killed me... not really.. but that was tough! I wanted 3 but I'll take 1 and try for 3 maybe next week. 

One more day of training this week and it's time for CHRISTMAS!!! So, excited!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

power training ropes

A while back all the co-workers and I made a "wishlist" for new equipment and other training things we would like to have available. One thing on our list were Power Training Ropes. I have never used them before but have seen them on The Biggest Loser and other fitness shows. Well, along with all of our new equipment we got last week we also received the ropes! I noticed them first thing this morning and was very anxious to use them. I let several of my clients test them out before I did ;). I was planning on lifting at home this afternoon but had a free hour so I went ahead and trained at work so I could "play" with the ropes.

Training today went great! I did the same format that I did with my deadlifts yesterday.

 Today was bench day. 
In between each set I did Pulldowns

More Bench:
Superset with rows

And, now on the the ROPES!
This is my first attempt. Went for 30 seconds. You can definitely tell were I start struggling!
I rested for 45 seconds and then did another set for 30 seconds.

3rd attempt. 3x20 seconds.

4th attempt. 10 seconds on/10seconds off x 4
( the video has not uploaded yet. But the only thing you are missing is me breathing heavy, thinking I am about to die!)

These suckers are awesome. I would love some for the house but they sure don't come cheap. If you are interested in playing around with them, give me a call and we can set up a training session.

Squats are today... I am aiming for 155lb! I will let you know how it goes!
Happy Hump Day!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas with the Co-workers

Saturday night my boss threw a Christmas Party. I was pretty excited about going. My co-workers and I love to have a good time. We like to joke around, laugh and just be silly. We were instructed to bring our favorite appetizer or dessert and my boss and his wife would take care of everything else. Zach had the idea to make this chocolate cheese ball. Someone brought it to his work earlier in the week and went on and on about how great it was. All it is cream cheese, nutella, and chopped pecans. Roll it into a ball and cover the ball with semi-sweet morsels. Serve it with graham cracker sticks. It was very tasty!

There was so much food!! I did have a little sampling of the chocolate cheese ball but mostly stuck with pork loin, chicken drummetes, broccoli and carrots. Oh and I did have a big, delicious chocolate cover strawberry and 1 oreo truffle. I enjoyed everything without going overboard!

Oh, the house was B-E-A-UTIFUL! Absolutely gorgeous. There were 3 wonderfully decorated christmas trees and decorations everywhere.

Here are a few pictures from the night!
Me and Zach
 Me and Brandi!
 Me, Brandi and Kim
 The Crew!
Cindy, Monica, Cam, Kim and Brandi
 My boss has 2 labs. Absolutely beautiful. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE four legged, furry kids! This dog has the biggest head/paws ever, but was so gentle and loving. This is Max. I didn't get a picture of the other dog. 
All in all, it was a very relaxing night filled with Christmas music, great company and delicious food!

Deads, Deads and MORE DEADS!

Today was deadlift day! Zach switched up his routine a little so I thought I would give it a try. With this new routine you work your way to 80% of your one rep max, do AMRAP(as many reps as possible) then bump the weight back down and do 5x10. So, today I did a total of 12 sets of deadlifts (warm-up and all).

I worked my way up to 165lbs. I was determined to get 10 reps but was struggling a little and only got 8... BOO!!! I hit my stop watch, rested for a few minutes, belted back up and got ready.... 10!!!! The second time I tried the 165lb, I did it a little more explosive than resting after each rep. It felt great and I was ready for the rest of my workout!

Here is what I did:
165x10!!! =)

Hanging Knee Ups/Back Extensions/Seated Calf Raises

KB Swings  
10 on the minute- 5 minutes total.
Was going for 10 mins but Zach got done earlier than I thought he would so I only had time for 5 minutes.

Disclaimer- Sorry for the end of the video. I was walking to the seated calf raise and someone was on it. My filmer was walking behind me and got a close up of my caboose.
 Finished off with stretching and then came home and ate a delicious plate of organic spring mix, multi-colored bell peppers, mushrooms, egg whites and cinnamon oats! Delicious!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yesterday after church, Zach and I went to K-Roger to pick up a few item to grill. We
got steaks, pineapple, and butternut squash. We had everything else we needed for our meals.

We threw the steaks, mushrooms and pineapple on the grill. While that was on the grill I was inside smashing the butternut squash. We smash it and make it taste just like smashed sweet potatoes.

Who knew that you could enjoy some some "mock smashed sweet potatoes" without all the carbs???

Here is a pick of my food from yesterday!

That is 4 oz of flat iron steak, 1 cup of smashed butternut squash, handful of organic spring mix, mushrooms, and 1 tablespoon of Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing! Pretty delicious!

Calories: 373
Protein: 27
Fat: 20
Net. Carbs: 17

There are so many more veggies that are good mockers!

Rutabaga for example... yummy fries! Just peel it, cut it into fries, throw in the oven with whatever seasoning you like and BAM... You've got fries!!

Cauliflower- this makes the best smashed potatoes. We throw ours in the microwave and let it steam until soft. Put it into a food processor and season anyway and you end up with very delicious "cauliflower potatoes"! We have also made a low carb pizza using cauliflower as the crust. Believe it our not but it was one of the best pizzas I have had in a very long time!

Spaghetti Squash- cut in half and put into the microwave (or oven) and cook until tender. Scrap all the center out. You should get little noodles. Put on a plate with lean ground beef, low fat/carb spaghetti salsa and you have got some very LOW CARB spaghetti!

Kale- this is great for making chips! Cut of stems and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Put into a 350 degree oven for about 20 mins or until crispy.

So, so, so many options!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I can't believe it is Sunday already and the work week starts again bright and early tomorrow. I looks like it might be another crazy week but that does not worry me one bit. I will take each and everything that comes my way and keep pushing forward.

I woke up early ready to get my lift on. My training sessions have definitely stepped up and keep challenging me. I love it!

I hit a new record on my deadlifts today. This is by far my best lift and the numbers on the pounds just keep getting higher and higher.

One thing the pastor said in church today was...

"In His hands you are unstoppable and in your hands you are unmovable."

Remember, you can always do more than what you think you can and nothing can hold you back from reaching your goal. Don't hesitate to push yourself in the gym as well as with your faith.

Zach and I have really enjoyed Eastside Baptist Church the past 2 weekends. We are excited and looking forward to next week already.


thanksgiving chest day

Thanksgiving morning, I woke up bright and early and headed out to the garage. I wanted to get it done so I would not have to worry about it later.


I finished up with...

DB Bench
25lb 5x15

One Arm Row
25lb 5x15

Band Push Downs

Band Pull Aparts

After working out, Zach and I headed to Greenwood for lunch and then to Big Creek for supper. We made the long drive home and went straight to bed so we could get up on our normal time for work on Friday.

I am so thankful to have the body to lift heavy and to keep pushing my body to the next level.

legs, legs and more legs

On Wednesday, I had a very long day at work. I had about a 2 hour break so instead of coming home I decided to stay and get my workout done. It was leg day. Not many people like working legs mainly because who likes to be in pain every time you sit down or walk up stairs??? ME!!!!

I started my workout with my Squats.


Check it out!

Finished my workout with..

75lb 4x10

Elevated/Front loaded Reverse Lunges
25lb 4x10 each leg

Walking Lunges
25lb (Overhead) 3x10

My legs have definitely been feeling this workout. I was so pumped from my squats that I was killing it and pushing myself even harder!

Monday, November 21, 2011

military press... video

What a busy, busy, busy Monday this has been. I am so thankful for it though. I had to teach a few classes today and train around 10 people. I love staying busy! It definitely helps the day go by so quick.

We had our Thanksgiving feast today at work. I am so proud of myself. I only had one, yelp that's right, ONE slice of turkey. I packed all my meals and stuck to my plan. Saying no to food lately has been a real challenge so it felt good not leaving work stuffed and miserable. I left and headed to the crib to get my workout in.

1 Thanksgiving down, 3 to go!

Anywho... On to the training.

Today was Military day. Arms are completely jello and I will more than likely be feeling this tomorrow.


Military Press
45lb 5x5
55lb 1x15

I am really wanting to do body weight pullups but completely stink at them. Zach got his band out and gave me some pointers and was able to do a few!

Bicep Curls
25lb 5x15

DB Shoulder Press
15lb 5x15

Frontal Raises/Lateral Raises/Rear Delt Raises
2.5lb 5x2o

I made another video... Hope you enjoy!

Well... I can't get the darn thing to upload to youtube... as soon as I do I will post it. I really want you to see my pullups!!!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Squats are today!

Sunday, November 20, 2011!

Zach and I bought oursleves a new power rack with all the birthday money we received. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family members who love us.

Yesterday, while I was at work ALL day, Zach decided to tackle the power rack by himself. He did an awesome job! I was so excited when I got home. It looks great... Check out our home gym...

This morning I was very anxious to get a workout in. I have been training 4 days a week. I usually rest on Saturday and Sunday's but since this week is going to be crazy with 4 Thanksgivings to go to, I had to come up up different days to make sure I get them all in.

11-20-11 Taining:


Front Squats:
45lb 3x20

Hamstring Curls:
25lb 5x10

Straight Leg Lifts:

Calf Raises:
Bw 5x10

Hope you enjoy the video..

way too long...

I can't believe its been several weeks since my last blog. I have been super busy at work and by the time I get home I usually get straight in the bed. Maybe even falling asleep between 430pm-530pm. Getting up every morning at 3am, teaching several classes a day and doing my own workouts definitely wears me out. But I love it. So much has happened since my last blog.

Zach and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! We went to Parlor Market for dinner then drove to the Fresh Market in Ridgeland and stood at the bakery section for about 15mins trying to pick out our dessert. It was absolutely a wonderful night and I am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life.

Halloween has come and gone. I love Halloween. We dressed up at work and partied all day long. We had an Hawaiian theme this year. Emilee made me an awesome skirt and everyone went all out. It was a blast.

We booked our family trip for 2012! Cruise here we come. We will leave out on a Thursday and return on a Monday. Now only 6 months to wait!

Zach's sister, Corie, is getting married in 3 weeks. Last week I hosted her a Spa/Christmas shower at the Alluvian Spa in Greenwood. If you ever need a place to host a shower... do it there. Their workers were unbelievable!! They were so helpful and just made it a wonderful over all experience.

I can't believe this is Thanksgiving week. Were has the time gone. Zach is in the kitchen right now cooking our turkey for our work party tomorrow. We love to party at the hplex!

I am back and refuse to go a few weeks with out blogging again.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

veggie soup

Zach's homemade Vegetable Soup!
Carrots, tomatoes, green beans, mushrooms, cabbage, onions, celery, kale and organic chicken stock!

Absolutely Delicious!

*yum yum yum*

My breakfast this morning!!!!
So, so, soooo GOOD!

Monday, October 17, 2011


This group of people are so AWESOME!!!!
They threw me the best surprise party EVER!
Tomorrow is my birthday. The BIG 2-7!

At work, every month that has a holiday or birthday we party!
We love to party! We all bring food. Decorate. And just stuff our faces ALL.DAY.LONG! I usually get the parties together but always have help from my co-workers.

Since its October, my birthday and Halloween (yes, we celebrate Halloween, costumes and all). I just assumed it would be just one party day and I would share my party with Halloween.

Well... I was WRONG!!

Zach asked me last week if I wanted to go eat at Keifer's for my birthday.

Heck yes, I would love Keifer's!!!

We originally picked Saturday night and then all of a sudden he wanted to go on Sunday. I'm so glad we switched it!!!

My great work family got in contact with Zach and started planning me a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!


Here are some pics from last night...

Not only did they go out of their way and throw me this party but I also got showered with gifts!
Zach and little Ms Brooklee!
Enjoying the awesome cupcakes Brandi made.
My wonderful Healthplex Crew!
I love this man!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
You all are awesome and I appreciate everything you all did!!!

Thank you!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

training with video!

Training for the week is over! Time to rest for the next two days. I have really been busting my behind in the gym and I have gotten 3 of my 4 main lifts in the triple digits!!! Whoo-hoo!! Here is this weeks training...


Bench Press
65lbx5 warm-up
105x 2 sets of 3
105x 3 sets of 1

65lbx5 warm up
115x 4 sets of 3
115x 1 set of 4
(I was aiming for 5 on this last set but couldn't get that last one. Thankfully, Zach was there to spot me because I went straight to the ground. Must.Try.Again! I will win!

Kettlebell Swings
35lb KB
10 on the min
I did ten kb swings right on the min and then rested the rest of the minute. First few were fine but then it quickly started to kick my butt!

DB Bent Over Rows
(1 arm)

45 min Spin Class

30 min Circuit Class

45 min Spin Class

Deadlift/Military Press

45x5 warm-up
95x 5
165x 3 sets of 5
165x 2 sets of 4

Here is a video of my first set of 5.
165 lbs!!!!

Military Press
45x5 warm up
60 x 2 sets of 5
60x 3 sets 3

Front Squats
45x 3 sets of 10

Seated Rows
40x 3 sets of 10

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

from the last year...

My friend Callie over at The Good Life Blog passed on this blogging world game. She picked 5 other blogs to play and I was one of them! YIPEE!! So, of course I have to play.

What's the dealy-yo? There are 7 categories, you pick a blog entry of yours from the past year that best fits that category!!

I know that I only have 20 followers but I know way more people read it... Only because they tell me if they have read it and which post they enjoyed.

So, here it goes... Hope you enjoy it!

1) Most Beautiful
I would have to say the "Where I came from" blog. I love my life and am so proud of where I came from. The delta is Beautiful, my family is Beautiful and LIFE is BEAUTIFUL!

2) Most Popular
I Think my most popular blog is "Who says girls can't lift weights.." I got lots of remarks on this! I am also very proud to say that I have gotten my Deadlift up to 155lbs, my Bench to 105lbs and my Squats to 115lbs! I have been working really hard on all my lifts. Military press still has a long was to go to be in the triple digits but maybe one day I will get there.

3) Most Controversial
I don't think I have had any controversial blogs... I must be pretty boring :(

4) Most Helpful
I would like to say that some of the recipes and my workout blogs have been helpful. Working out is definitely VERY important to me and I like to share them with whoever will listen... or read!

5) Post whose success surprised you
I would have to agree with Callie on this one. They all have surprised me. I still can't believe I have a blog sometimes and when people ask me when will I post something new.

6) Post that didn't get enough attention
Not sure on this one.

7) Post you are most proud of
I would say that I am pretty proud of all my post. This is my life and I am proud of what I have accomplished and everyone I have shared these moments with!!!

Now to pass this little game on to 5 more bloggers!!!
Katie @ Walkers in Grace
Lauren @ Surviving the Hills

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

vaca recap

Another vacation has come and gone.

We had a wonderful time.
Weather was perfect.
Cabin was awesome!
Enjoyed Dollywood and the Aquarium.
Took an afternoon ride through Cade's Cove.
Ate delicious food.
Our cabin came with a pet... We named him Puglie.
We shopped and then shopped a little more.
Ben and Jerry's store in the outlet mall... enough said!

Anyways... here are a few pics!!!

Em and Brooklee at the Aquarium.
Waiting to get into the aquarium.
Riding her first ride. She loved it!
Enjoying the train ride at Dollywood!
Brave girl riding with NO HANDS!
Cheesin' away!
Oh and we did a little mountain climbing obstacle course!
Britt was saying..
There was more than 1 LOOP ON THAT ROLLER COASTER!!!
Him and Shorty got tricked... there was 3 LOOPS!
So sweet!
Ice cream... yummm!
So being tourist at the Apple Barn.
Me and my two favorite people!
Love my family!
Love family vacations!

Monday, October 10, 2011

happy birthday, zach

Today is Zach's birthday!!! I love birthdays! Saturday on our trip we had to make a quick run through Wal-Mart. While we were there I decided to pick up a little pre-made cake for Zach's birthday. A few minutes later I passed the Halloween section and decided to pick up so sprinkles to add some color to the cake.

Brooklee did all the decorating. She was so serious about it. If it were up to her we would have used the entire bottle of sprinkles. She was having so much fun! Here are a few pics...

Showing off her work!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Zach,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!
Zach and I were both off work today and enjoyed spending his big day together. Did a little shopping, he helped with my training and just lounged around the house. Perfect way to recover from a vacation!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

words can not express

This place is just beautiful!
Looking at the scenery never gets old!