Saturday, February 27, 2010


There is nothing better than a beautiful day. Here lately with all the rain and possible snow days it can get a little depressing. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE snow and I am very grateful for each and every snow flurry we get, but after almost an entire week of cloudy, dreary days it gets old REAL quick. There is just something about sunshine!

I have this bad habit of signing(I CAN NOT sing). It can be songs but most of the time it is songs that I make up. Zach always just looks at me while I am belting this made up song with this grin on his face and just shakes is head. One song in particular that I always sing to him is:
"You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away!"
Zach is definitely my sunshine on cloudy days. The day before our wedding was absolutely a terrible day. It was cold, rain, rain, and more rain. I was so frightened that the most important day would be a wet, soggy, cold mess. I woke up that Saturday morning and immediately checked the weather channel on my phone. What do I see???? SUNSHINE!!! I was SOOO thankful. The weather was so prefect and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Today was such a beautiful day. I got to spend it with 3 AMAZING women! Mom, Em, and Brooklee!!! We had no plan, just out and about. We met my mom at the Renaissance Mall. We shopped around, at lunch, and then shopped around a little more. It was just too beautiful of a day to be inside. Brooklee just sat in her little stroller kicking her legs and enjoying the fresh air. It was a wonderful day and I am so BLESSED and THANKFUL for these 3 AMAZING WOMEN!
Me and Brooklee after our long day today.
She got a few new outfits so this was in between tying them on.
Me and My WONDERFUL mom! She will also bring that sunshine on a cloudy day!
This wasn't today but as you can tell this was taken on a beautiful day.
Me and my AMAZING SIS, Emilee, on the same Beautiful day!
Brooklee was still in Em's belly in this photo.
Just a simple ray of sunshine is like heaven to the soul. It changes the attitude in a blink of an eye. Sunshine is better than any kind of prescription drug.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home away from Home!

Do you ever get that feeling that you wanted to be somewhere else? Like out of the country? Maybe the Caribbean? What about PARADISE? I know..... What about JAMAICA?!?!?!?

On our honeymoon, Zach and I got to stay in the world that there were "No Problems" and "No Worries!" It was one of the most relaxing, low key, memorable, and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING week.

Zach and I where able to go the Bahamas for my sister's wedding. We knew as soon as we got engaged that we wanted to go back to the Caribbean. But where? I had won the chance to win a free honeymoon... we were skeptical about this. We didn't know how legit this was and were exactly would we end up winning a trip too. We had to go to this cooking demonstration... they told me over the phone that we didn't even have to bring any money in. Supposedly, as long as we went we got a free trip. Well come to find out, it was true. I had just won us a honeymoon. We were really excited about this. Well..... the one catch to this free honeymoon... we couldn't pick what day we wanted to get there, what type of room we wanted and it was only for 3 days. So, after much discussion about this "free" trip, Zach and I decided that we would stick with the same resort my sister got married. SANDALS!!!!

After some more discussion we decided to try out Jamaica instead of going back to the Bahamas. We booked our trip and flight that night. One week in PARADISE and I only had about 4 months to anticipate this amazing trip! We got pretty lucky because the Sandals we had booked was being shut down for renovations. So guess what.... we got UPGRADED!!! Whoo-Hoo!

Bright and early the Sunday morning after our wonderful wedding we got on the plane and were Jamaica-Bound! From the time we stepped off the plane we were immediately treated like royalty. Sandals has a private room in the airport that was so beautiful. We sat in this room with the other Sandals guest waiting on our shuttle. But this just wasn't a waiting room... this was a butler service room. Ahhh... this is the life for me! The butler was serving all the guest an unlimited amount of Red Stripe and some yummy pinwheels. We were sad because we both had just gotten our beers topped off and its time for our shuttle ride. What do we here..."No worries Mon, Take it with you!" Zach and I looked at each other and said... this is what I'm talking about!

After a 5 minute shuttle ride we were at our destination. SANDALS MONTEGO BAY, MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA! There were all this excursions that we could have gone on that week but Zach and I decided that we just wanted this week to be relaxing. And that is exactly what we did. We never had to set an alarm clock. We were up every morning bright and early for breakfast. On the beach by 8am. Drinking a Red Strip or trying out one of their Rum drinks of the day by 10. Lunch by 12. Nap at 2. Dinner at 6. They had different types of entertainment each night so we would be able to enjoy their culture. Then repeat for the next 4 days! Yes, this is definitely the life for me!

On our last morning in Jamaica, I was standing on our balcony enjoying the most BREATHE TAKING VIEW and the managers were walking around doing there morning checks. We started talking and they asked when we were leaving. I told them... Today at 1 :( Then I asked... Can I pppplease be yalls professional visitor???? They all laughed! Are they laughing because I said "yall" or are the laughing at my question? Either way my dream was crushed and at 3pm that day Zach and I were headed home... BOO!!!

The view from our balcony that never got old.
"Ahhh.... this is the life for me!"
Every night on my way home from school I have to pass the airport and each time I see a plane take off I think of Jamaica. Oh, how I wish I was there! Zach and I are planning to go back on our 1 year anniversary, but thats ONLY 8 months away. Tear!

Jamaica is definitely my "Home away from Home".... well at least in my dreams!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Okay, NOT really! Today I got the chance to be on WLBT, and thanks to my lovely husband I was able to watch it when I got home....DANG DVR! This was probably one of the most nerve racking things that I have ever had to do. I just wanted to share with you what I was experiencing!

So, last week I was informed that they wanted me to go on WLBT. ME?!?!?!? You really want ME to go on TV? When I said okay to this I just had this thought in my head that this would be recorded and they could edited all my mess ups. Let me explain how I am when I get put on the spot...I stutter and for some reason my voice gets REALLY elevated! One class that Zach and I had in college, our teacher decided to make the final an oral exam... In front of the WHOLE class! Zach and I had study, so I knew this! Its my turn... my question:
Teacher: Memrie, What is BMI?
Memrie: Uh uh uh.......
Probably the easiest question!!!Yeah, its bad!

Me, in front of a group of people is bad just imagine on LIVE TELEVISION!!!! Well, today is the day! I find out about 9am that this is LIVE! Are you kidding me! What if I mess up? What if I stutter? What if I don't know the answer???? The list goes on that I was asking myself. I had a little extra time before it was time for me to go... so what do I do?!?!? I hop on the elliptical for a quick 25 minutes to try to get rid of the nerves! Nerves please go away.... pu pu pppplease!!! Its TIME! Its here if I'm ready or not! And then.....

Its over!!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!! That was the longest 6 or so minutes EVER!

So yeah... I'M FAMOUS ;) If you want my autograph I guess you can have it!

Is this what they mean by 15 mins of fame? Or in my case 6mins of fame? Sure... I'll take it!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who needs a kid when you have niece!

Mine and Zach's life is pretty simple: work, school(I am in Massage therapy School), working out, Duke and Delta, spending time with family and friends. We are now proud aunt and uncle of little Miss Brooklee Weslyn Taylor. Brooklee is almost 6 months old and is just precious. Everyday I see her it is amazing to see how much she has changed and the new things she is doing.

I have always said that I didn't want kids...No, I haven't changed my mind, I still don't want any. I will just spoil Miss Brooklee. I guess you could call me a little selfish but there are just a few things that I am partial too which are: my sleep, my sleep, my sleep!!! So from for the time being(which forever is okay with me) I will focus my time on Brooklee.

Brooklee has the best personality. She loves her food, but hey kids gotta grow! She also loves talking. We don't know what she is saying but whatever it is she has a lot to talk about. She also loves sitting outside on a beautiful day with her shades on (Just like her Aunt Mermie). Brooklee was the cutest little Ladybug at our wedding reception. Little Miss Priss has already gotten addicted to SHOPPING!!! She is the best shopper ever! All you have to do is ask her if she likes something.... and of course she does! Needless to say, Brooklee is the kid that just puts a smile on your face for just being her. I wanted to share some photos of Brooklee... I'm more than positive you will see hundreds more.
Me and Brooklee at our wedding.
She was a little over a month old her.
Brooklee and I with our o-so-cool shades on! It was such a BEAUTIFUL day!
She was having so much fun in her exersaucer!
How could you NOT love that face!

I can't believe how the time has flown by! She is almost 6 months old!!! There will be more of Brooklee to come!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing!M

One, thing that Zach and I have had in common since the first day we met is our AWESOME families! We are definitely who we are today because of them. Each and everyone of our family members would do absolutely any and everything for us. Which we appreciate from the bottom of our hearts. Our families are a little different but thats what makes them both SOO great. Zach side of the family is a little more quiet than my crazy family. Here are a few pics of our families.

Here is Zach's wonderful family.
My wonderful family!

Zach, Me, Em and Britt headed to a tacky Christmas party.
Zach was too cool to dress up :)
Brooklee was too young to go!
All the girls on the Muchow side of my family. As you can see Shorty in the background not acting like an adult :)

"Dogs are babies wearing FUR coats!"

For anyone that knows me, knows I have a deep passion for dogs. I love them no matter what size, shape, or color. Growing up we always had a dog. The two that I remember the most were Beethoven (miniature yorkshire terrior) and Dixie (full blood FAT lab). Beethoven passed away at an old age the week before my freshman year of college. Dixie is still being fat and lazy at my parents house in Greenwood. I'm not being mean when I call her fat, she might be the fattest dog in all the world. She loves Shorty... she follows him around everywhere he goes and when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Hunting, fishing, work anywhere he would let her go, she went. Due to her size and age she now just mostly sticks at the house being lazy and she really enjoys sunbathing on a nice day.

After I moved to Jackson, I started thinking about getting a dog. My friend Sara Kate and I found an abandoned kitten in the parking garage at work. We decided to take the kitten up to the local shelter in town called CARA. CARA is a no kill animal shelter mostly working off of donations alone. After much thought about getting a dog of my own I decided to visit CARA. I went on a Friday all by myself and walked around CARA looking at all the happy dogs. It was amazing to see how most of the dogs were so happy despite the cage they were in and their awful past. When I first walked in the GIGANTIC room with all the barking dogs saying "PICK ME, PICK ME" I noticed this precious little baby just sleeping away. She was completely black except a few tan spots on her feet, stomach and face, her belly was so bloated from all the worms...She look like a little pot belly pig. I decided to keep looking and finish the tour. My mind just kept going back to that little black and tan pot billy pig look alike. After the tour and falling in love with each and every dog and their stories as to how they got to CARA, I went with my heart and got "Raven." CARA names all their dogs and Raven is what they named my pot belly pig. At this time I was staying with my sister and brother-n-law, when I got home Britt and I started thinking of new names. I wanted something unique.... DELTA! Fits me and her perfectly! I was born and raised in Greenwood and she just had the personality of a DELTA!

Here are a few pics of Delta from when I got her until now.
(they uploaded backwards so the puppy pictures are at the end)

She looks SO different from her puppy pictures. I got Delta March '09 and in June '09 an email staring going around at work about this black lab mix puppy. "Buddy" wondered up at a former co-workers home and was bone thin but as happy as could be. The lady who had sent the email to everyone asking if anyone wanted him had called local vets and shelters asking if anyone was missing their dog. After a month of no luck finding the owner she decided to ask if anyone wanted him. They were unable to keep him due to the fact of their two small kids and her husbands allergies. This email just sat in my mind and would not go away. I wanted to help "Buddy." Zach was not to fond of the idea but I just new that it was the BEST idea ever! I decided to get "Buddy" and bring him home while Zach was away for the weekend. Zach comes home on Sunday and.... SURPRISE!!!! He was not too happy at first but he quickly loved "Buddy" and we started to think of a new name for him. So we came up with DUKE! We call Duke "Darkness" because there isn't an inch on him that isn't black. Duke and Delta took about a day to warm up to each other and have been best buds since.

I don't have puppy pics of Duke. But here are a few pics of him.

So, these are our babies that we love VERY, VERY much. They make our home complete.
Here is a few pictures from one of the most important days in our life.

So, I have gotten this interest in reading other blogs and decided to create one for me and Zach.

I will start this blog off by telling you a little bit about us. Zach and I met in college at Delta State University and have been with each other ever since. We bought a house in October 2008, got engaged a week after we moved in. November 2008 our fridge decided it wanted to flood our BRAND NEW house :( Its okay... THANKFULLY nothing was ruined. 2009 was mostly dedicated to wedding planning, attending all our friends weddings and the much anticipated arrival of our beautiful niece Brooklee Weslyn Taylor (born on September 13, 2009). Zach and I got married on October 31, 3009... yes, that is Halloween. Our wedding was very simple. We had no bridesmaids or groomsmen... yes, we have friends! We just decided that we wanted to keep things simple and low key. Since our wedding was on Halloween we thought, lets make the reception a costume party. Needless to say, there were a few characters there: Popeye, Redneck Britt, Eskimo Rachel, and Billy Mays just to name a few. After an absolutely unforgettable wedding Zach and I took off to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We stayed at the luxurious all inclusive Sandals Resort...which I have decided is where I am suppose to live. Since then, Zach and I have enjoyed begin married and experiencing what each day brings us.