Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1 Month Old!


1 Month Old!!!!
Check out how much he has changed over the past 4 weeks. 

Little man had his 1st 4th of July! I searched 3 different stores looking for a 4th of July outfit for him. This was the best I could fine. 
But of course he looks too cute in it!!! 
America Totally Rocks!

That night, I got to get out of the house!!! Zach kept Knox and let me enjoy time with my family at the Empire/Stribling 4th of July festivities. If you have never been, its a must that you try to find tickets and go! The fireworks last for about 40 minutes and there is food, bouncy things for kids, a band and clowns making balloon figures. 

My wonderful family minus Zach and Knox. 
 Pappy and Brooklee!
 Em, Brooklee and me. 
 Nana-Darlin' and Brooklee!
 Being silly!
 Me and Brooklee. 

Zach had to work on the 4th but got to be off on the Friday after. He started planning the weekend before about everything he was going to cook. We had my parents, aunt and Zach's co-worker/friend over to eat. Somehow, I only have 2 pictures from that night. 

Zach's grill went to grill heaven a few weeks ago but thankfully we were given two right after that! My great-grandfathers grill and Zach's parents gave us one too. Zach had all three going at once. Boston butts and ribs! 
Emilee was holding Knox and this is how he fell asleep in her arms. She laid him down the same way so he would be comfortable. How cute is he all curled up??
On Saturday, my parents were heading back home so we decided to all meet at the park (Knox still isn't allowed to go public areas with a lot of people yet). We all grabbed food and had a little picnic. 

This picture was taken Saturday night. He was worn out from a busy few days!
How sweet is that face?

It was such a wonderful few days with all the people I love. 

What Knox was up to this week..

*He is still enjoying bath time but doesn't enjoy the getting dressed part afterwards.
*He loves having his hair washed.
*He is very alert and loves just looking around. 
*He's sleeping schedule is going pretty well. He goes to bed at 7 pm and wakes between 10:30-11:30, 2, 4 and then awake between 6-6:30. 
*He loves being outside. I will bring his chair out into the garage on the mornings I lift weights and then the mornings I walk, he just sits there so content looking around.

This picture was from the park on Saturday. He didn't make one peep the entire time we were there.
*Noises still don't bother him.
*He loves to fall asleep on his daddy's chest. 
*He is still adjusting to tummy-time. He doesn't like it at all on the floor but doesn't seen to mind it on the boppy pillow.
He is doing really well with it. He only likes for about 5 minutes or so then he either starts crying or starts thinking his arm taste good. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

3 weeks!

So this post is a week late but I guess better late than never, right? 

It's a lot harder to blog with a little handsome boy around. Yes, I have time too but most of the time when I could post a blog I am either resting, cleaning or resting! ;)

We have this neat bath tub that has a built in scale. We love checking out our little man's progress. At his 3 week mark he weighed in at 9lbs 5oz! We are so proud of him. Knox has really done so great since he was born. 

This picture is a 10 day difference. It is hard for me to see if he is growing or changing since I am around him daily. When I did the comparison with these two pictures, I was a little taken back! I couldn't believe how much he had changed in 10 days!

I think this picture is just so sweet and peaceful! He was snoozing so hard! 

What Knox was up to this week..

*He loves bath time... as long as he is already awake. Not so much if he is snoozing and you have to wake him.
*He loves having his hair washed.
*He is very alert and loves just looking around. 
*He sleeps really well only waking 2-3 times a night. 
*He loves early morning walks around the neighborhood. He will just sit there and look around. 
*Noises still don't bother him.
*He loves to fall asleep on his daddy's chest. 
*Duke and Delta have really adjusted well to Knox being home. They are very curious and have to check on him if he starts crying. Duke, also, has to lay by him when he is doing tummy time.