Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a weekend!

Last Firday, Zach and I went to Thibodaux, La for the weekend. We stayed with our good friends Heather and Randall.

The weekend started off a little rocky... Rain, rain, and more rain, car getting stuck in Heather and Randall's brand new sod, parades getting canceled, and MORE RAIN! But... all of this didn't stop us one bit from having fun! We made the most of all of those nasty situations.

Friday night we had a crawfish boil.
(excuse the way Zach and I look. We had been up since 3:15AM)

KING CAKE!!!! Pure deliciousness!!! Oh... Zach and I tried our first chocolate king cake. Yes, I said CHOCOLATE KING CAKE!!! Mouth is watering!

Mouth is definitely not watering about this little feisty guy. These little suckers were not to happy.

BUT.... Everyone at the party was happy about this! Randall puts a little bit of everything in his crawfish boils. Hot dogs, sausage, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, onion, garlic AND, of course, CRAWFISH! I eat it ALL, except the crawfish.

After 2 days of rain, we FINALLY got to enjoy some sunshine and parades. People in Thibodaux decorate their houses for Mardi Gras like you would for Christmas. They leave up their Christmas trees and change the theme to Mardi Gras. We were watching the parade from the most decked out Mardi Gras house I have ever seen! Every room had some type of Mardi Gras decorations. This was in the hall way.

Randall and Heather ready for the parade!

The 4 Musketeers!!!!

The parades we were at were VERY family oriented. There was none of the wild stuff that people were trying to warn us about. Well... expect for one truck full of teenagers having a little too much fun. They didn't stay for both parades but I did manage to snap this photo of Heather and Randall seeing something they didn't want to see. Priceless!!!

Zach and I enjoying the parades!

After a rocky start to the weekend, we got to enjoy this sunset! What a great way to end a wonderful weekend!