Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1 Week Old

I can't believe our little man is one week old already! The past week at home has been wonderful... and a little tiresome. We have been blessed with tons of family and friends stopping by to see Knox. Bringing us food and offering to go to the store for us. The love and support has been overwhelming. We really appreciate every bit of it! 
I figured that I would take monthly pictures with the dry erase board like I did my weekly photos during my pregnancy. I will do weekly photos until he turns a month and then just do it monthly from there. 

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from his 1st week. 
I took this picture before we left the hospital. I just love it! 

 Zach and I were just so thrilled when they finally discharged us from the hospital. We were so anxious... maybe a little nervous too... to get home. 

 We purchased this little rubber ducky sign from That Southern Accent. You pick what yard sign you want and they set it up and come and pick it up a week later. I just had to show the whole neighborhood that our little boy had arrived. 
Knox is a very alert little man. Don't get me wrong... he snoozes a lot too but when he is awake he will just look around non-stop. He usually will be awake for a couple hours at a time and then he is cutting Z's the rest of the day.
I absolutely LOVE this picture! Zach was so anxious to take Knox for a stroll. I have to sit out on physical activity for the first 2 weeks, so Zach and Knox got to enjoy morning strolls without me. Only a few more days and I can join in. 
We gave Knox his first bath the Monday we got home. Naturally, he didn't really care for it until we started washing that head full of hair. 
We survived our first week at home. I had a ton of help from Zach. He has been a lifesaver. Last week was also full of visitors so Knox got a lot of TLC. 

We have his 2 week check-up on Friday the 21st. Praying for a great check-up! I will post about it afterwards. 

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