Friday, May 31, 2013

38 Weeks!

*38 weeks
*Knox is the length of a leek. 
*Energy has been okay. I had enough to get through my work day but as soon as I got home it was hard to keep my eyes open.  
*Sleep is still great when I get to sleep but it is hard for me to stay asleep. 
*Craving: Fruit and almonds.  
*Appetite is good.  
*I walked once and got a workout in on Wednesday. Ended up running errands 3 days this week after work so I didn't worry about doing any extra. 
*Braxton Hicks are a lot worse during the week when I am at work. I think it is because I am pretty much non-stop from the time I get to work until the time I leave. They are getting slightly more intense and lasting a little longer. 
*Driving is becoming very difficult. He likes to cram into my ribs when I am driving. Thankfully, Zach and I ride together 90% of the time, so I let him be the chauffeur.  
*I ended up calling the emergency number on Thursday night. I wasn't feeling my wiggle worm move and started getting really paranoid. I drank cold water, ate a snack, did jumping jacks, tried laying still for a while and Zach poking him didn't even get him moving. The doctor on call told me to and I quote... "drink a big ole  sugary/carbonated drink like a coke or sprite." He told me to wait 2 hours and if I still didn't feel him moving to call back and I would have to go in for monitoring. Well, Zach ran to the gas station and picked me up a "Big Ole Sprite." I chugged it and almost threw up. I haven't had any coke products in 21 months! But my little man almost immediately got the hiccups and started bouncing around! Thank goodness!!!!
*My poor right ankle!!! I had some very busy days this week and by the time I got home my right ankle was double its normal size. I absolutely hate it and wish it wouldn't happen but if this is has bad as my pregnancy is going to get... I will deal with it! 
*My appointment on Tuesday went great. I am 1cm dilated and at that point my cervix had not start thinning yet. If Knox does not make his debut before June 12th, I will be induced and have him on the 13th of June. Praying that he comes on his on!!!

*Next appointment is June 4th!!!

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