Sunday, May 26, 2013

37 Weeks!

*37 weeks
*Knox is the length of swiss chard. 
*Energy is still come and go. I ended up calling in on Wednesday because of being so tired.  
*Sleep... I am am really starting to think my body refuses to let me enjoy this anymore. Getting me ready!
*Craving: Fruit and almonds.  
*Appetite is good. I get that "I'm so full I can't breathe" feeling after each meal. It passes within the hour but it is very uncomfortable. Sitting is really tough. 
*I was able to get in a good workout on Monday, 4 walks in and weed-eat the yard while Zach was mowing this week. It really felt good to get this tired body moving. 
*Braxton Hicks contractions have still been going on daily. I was having so many on Monday that I ended up going to the doctor a day early. My doctor wasn't there so I had to see Mr. Non-Personality. I did not care for him one bit but I was confirmed that everything was okay. 
*Driving is becoming very difficult. He likes to cram into my ribs when I am driving. Thankfully, Zach and I ride together 90% of the time, so I let him be the chauffeur.  
*Knox is still a very active wiggle worm! He usually has the hiccups 2-3 times a day. 
*The cankle only came back one day this week! Thank goodness. Still no swelling in the fingers. :) 
*I was not dilated any as of Monday. 
*Next appointment is May 28th.

We got the pack-n-play put together this morning. It was NOT the easy thing to do. The instructions were not very clear. But we finally got it!
Don't really know why the pic is squished like that. Sorry.

I would post a pic of the final thing but we are washing the bassinet part.

Knox's super cute camo duffelbag is packed and ready! All we need is for him to decide when he is ready to  make his debut! 

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